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Known as one of Southern Africa’s Most Intriguing Destinations, and voted second runner up in the 2012 AZTA Awards “Zimbabwe’s Best Safari Camp” category, Antelope Park is home to the world famous African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) lion rehabilitation programme which is a multi-phase lion conservation initiative as featured in hit UK TV documentary "LION COUNTRY". It is Africa’s first genuine programme working to ethically re-introduce the offspring of captive-bred African lions back into the wild.

Set in over 3000 acres of open savannah grassland, Antelope Park is a unique game reserve and a haven of tranquillity set in the African bush, welcoming guests and volunteer eco-tourists alike to the charming and remarkable camp site. Walk with lions, ride through the wilderness on elephant or horseback, view the abundance of wildlife in the Park or canoe on the scenic lake. During the evening, our exclusive Night Encounters offer a truly amazing, close up experience of lions hunting in their natural environment.

An array of accommodation is on offer, from en-suite lodges and river tents, to campsites and beautiful self catering lodges. To further complement the experience, safari style, home cooked meals are available.

ALERT and Antelope Park have been the subject of a major UK TV wildlife series “LION COUNTRY” and the Park has also featured in a number of other wildlife shows including “Karina: Wild on Safari”. During 2012 a film crew was based at the Park filming a 14 part series called “Roaring with Pride” which will be aired on Animal Planet in 2013. The series documents the lion release programme in detail, explaining in depth how our organisation is helping to save the future of the African Lion.

Your stay at Antelope Park will not only leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, but also with the knowledge that you have personally  contributed to the survival of the African Lion. For more information about the ALERT programme, please visit www.lionalert.org

Our sister company, African Impact, places volunteer Eco-Tourists from around the globe at Antelope Park, who participate in a range of programmes to help support the lions and surrounding communities. Photographic and Equine Workshops and Internships are also available in this idyllic setting.


Sister Companies and Trusts


African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT)

Founded in 2005 at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe, ALERT is a non-profit organization dedicated to the facilitation and promotion of sound conservation and management plans for the African lion in consultation with governments, wildlife authorities and communities.

The Trust aims to support the four-stage African Lion Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Program developed by Andrew & Wendy Conolly in 1999. The aim of this program is to provide a solution to augmenting the sharply decreasing numbers of African lions through the release of wild-borne offspring from rehabilitated captive bred lions by raising awareness and funds to source, secure and prepare suitable release sites for the lions.

Visit: www.lionalert.org


African Impact

Our pride... We are the largest on-the-ground facilitator of responsible volunteer projects throughout Africa. In 2009 we were nominated as finalists in the World Travel Awards, and are continuously striving to improve the nature of the work that we are doing in Africa.

Our place: Based in Southern Africa we work in partnership with our office and field staff in Southern and East Africa, as well as volunteers from around the world.

Our passion: For this continent, and its sustainable development, means that we will go out of our way to ensure measurable results for projects through meaningful volunteer experiences.

Our people: Our team is made up of people with vast experience living, working and travelling in Africa. We raise up and invest in local staff wherever possible, and our colourful team is made up of people who have an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for their work.

Visit: www.africanimpact.com


The Happy Africa Foundation

African Impact is proud to have been instrumental in the establishment of The Happy Africa Foundation (THAF) in 2007 and continues to be one of the Foundation’s major supporters. THAF is registered UK and South African charity, and a registered Zambian NGO. UK Charity Number: 1123529; South African Charity Number: IT373/2010; Zambian NGO Number: ORS/102/53/267

Donations made to support our community and conservation initiatives by private donors as well as by African Impact as a voluntourism organisation are managed and distributed on their behalf by THAF. The Foundation is dedicated to sustainable change and progress for underprivileged communities in southern and eastern Africa.

The Foundation works together with local African communities to improve the livelihood of local people, improve infrastructure in communities in which we operate, as well as to conserve and protect the environment, wildlife and cultures in areas where the Foundation is involved, striving to make a meaningful difference to Africa’s communities and wildlife.

Visit: www.happyafricafoundation.org


African Encounter

African Encounter is a unique and responsible travel group. Our products appeal to travellers who want to be more than just tourists. They appeal to people who want to experience the true spirit of Africa whilst, at the same time, impacting positively on the economic and environmental issues in the communities which they visit.

Visit: www.africanencounter.org


Lion Encounter

Supports the African Lion Rehabilitation & Release into the Wild Program; Africa's first genuine programme to ethically re-introduce the offspring of rehabilitated captive-bred African lion back into the wild, helping safeguard the future of the king of the beasts. Operating in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Livingstone, Zambia.

Visit: www.lionencounter.com



ACTS was born with a vision to facilitate mission work and Christian holidays in Africa, to relieve the logistical burden off team leaders and local pastors and missionaries.

In 2009, ACTS started facilitating individual Christian volunteer placements in Southern and East Africa, stemming from an increased interest for longer-term placements from short-term mission team members and a need for continued assistance from ministry partners on the ground.

It continues to be a priviledge and an honour to be a small part of what God is doing on this amazing continent through our involvement in both group and individual Christian missions travel, and being able to give Christians the opportunity to experience, explore and enjoy God’s wonderful creation through unforgettable holidays and safaris.

Visit: www.actsoverland.com


Best of Zimbabwe

Best of Zimbabwe is a collection of leading hospitality operations in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique, linked by a commitment to affordability, high operational standards and proximity to some of the finest attractions in the region.

Created and led by the Inns of Zimbabwe Group, Best of Zimbabwe includes within its overall portfolio a wide range of accommodation types and destinations, as well as dining venues.

Common to all operations is the InnSider Lifestyle Card, which affords Zimbabwean residents' discounts on accommodation and other selected services.