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Known as one of Southern Africa’s Most Intriguing Destinations, and winners of the "Environmental Award" at the 2013 AZTA Awards ceremony, Antelope Park is home to the world famous African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) lion rehabilitation programme which is a multi-phase lion conservation initiative as featured in hit UK TV documentary "LION COUNTRY". It is Africa’s first genuine programme working to ethically re-introduce the offspring of captive-bred African lions back into the wild.

Set in over 3000 acres of open savannah grassland, Antelope Park is a unique game reserve and a haven of tranquillity set in the African bush, welcoming guests and volunteer eco-tourists alike to the charming and remarkable camp site. Walk with lions, ride through the wilderness on elephant or horseback, view the abundance of wildlife in the Park or canoe on the scenic lake. During the evening, our exclusive Night Encounters offer a truly amazing, close up experience of lions hunting in their natural environment.

An array of accommodation is on offer, from en-suite lodges and river tents, to campsites and beautiful self catering lodges. To further complement the experience, safari style, home cooked meals are available.

ALERT and Antelope Park have been the subject of a major UK TV wildlife series “LION COUNTRY” and the Park has also featured in a number of other wildlife shows including “Karina: Wild on Safari”. During 2012 a film crew was based at the Park filming a 14 part series called “Roaring with Pride” which aired on Animal Planet in 2013. The series documents the lion release programme in detail, explaining in depth how our organisation is helping to save the future of the African Lion.

Your stay at Antelope Park will not only leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, but also with the knowledge that you have personally contributed to the survival of the African Lion. For more information about the ALERT programme, please visit www.lionalert.org

Our sister company, African Impact, places volunteer Eco-Tourists from around the globe at Antelope Park, who participate in a range of programmes to help support the lions and surrounding communities. Photographic and Equine Workshops and Internships are also available in this idyllic setting

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